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Jacob Bogatin: Rabbits’ diseases treatment

Diseases of the non-contagious origin. According to Jacob Bogatin the most frequent diseases of rabbits are gastro-intestinal. If young rabbits 20 to 30 days of age do not have enough breast milk, they gradually begin to eat roughage, intended for the mother.

On the delicate mucous membranes of the digestive organs are formed lesions, there is inflammation of the stomach and intestines. The same disease may occur in adult rabbits by eating poor-quality feed, a large number of legumes, with filthy animals.

Symptoms of the disease - part of the selection of soft or liquid stools covered with mucus, flatulence or stomach, lack of bowel movements. Often constipation is replaced by diarrhea. The general condition of the animal distress, decreases and then disappears and appetite. When swelling rabbit often dies within 2-3 days. Treatment Rabbits 12-20 hours kept on starvation diet and then gradually begin to make fresh, soft food (preferably stewed feed mixed with boiled potatoes) and the following treatment: when locked inside give 3-5 g of Glauber’s salt or Carlsbad or 1-1,5 teaspoon of castor oil, rubbing his stomach 5-percent solution of salt (1 teaspoon in a glass of water), put an enema of warm, slightly soapy water, releasing the patient to run a rabbit. After the rabbit releases, give him an oatmeal broth, red carrots, with flatulence (timpani) give the inside of 5-8 ml of 10 per cent solution ihtiola, gently rubbing her stomach, released from the cells, with diarrhea, 1-2 times a day given by mouth chloromycetin (in 0,1 g) and the decoction of oak bark (1-2 teaspoons). From succulent fodder yield only a small amount of carrots and herbs.

Jacob Bogatin says that during summer give some good, soft hay. If the diarrhea appeared in rabbits, we must take one tablet of chloromycetin (0,5 g), diluted in 2 liters of lukewarm water and clean solder this solution was sick young rabbits twice a day, filling their mouths with two teaspoons (morning and evening) . On the day of chloromycetin solution is poured into troughs. Typically, the second or third day of treatment diarrhea stops. Rather frequent diseases, especially in overcrowded content of rabbits, with faults in the cells are bruises, wounds, fractures. In minor injuries, painful swelling of the bruised places usually disappears within a few days. If you hurt yourself when disturbed integrity of the skin, formed wounds. Shallow wounds smeared with iodine, while the animal usually recovers. In deep wounds, especially penetrating into the chest or abdomen, the rabbits often die. Such rabbits need just to kill.

Jacob Bogatin considers that treatment appropriate to carry out, if the rabbit is very valuable. If you hit a rabbit’s feet in the slot or bumps may be fractures. Despite the fact that the rabbit with a fracture may live longer, to treat it economically makes no sense. When spinal injury treatment is useless, the rabbit must be killed.

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