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Jacob Bogatin about Stress Types

Jacob Bogatin thinks that stress in the family includes all difficulties on maintenance of a family and relations in it – work about the house, matrimonial problems, conflicts between generations, a life with youth illness and death in a family, an alcoholism, divorce, etc.

The working stress is usually connected with much work assigned to you, absence of self-checking behind result of work, role uncertainty and the role conflict. Bad maintenance of safety of work, unfair estimations of work, infringement of its organisation can become a stress source.

Jacob Bogatin says that the public stress concerns problems which can be applied to the big groups of people, - for example, economic recession, poverty, bankruptcy, racial pressure and discrimination worry.

The ecological stress is caused by influence of extreme conditions of environment, expectation of such influence or its consequences – air pollution and waters, severe weather conditions, spiteful neighbours, a crush, high noise level, etc.

The financial stress does not demand explanations. For sure, Jacob Bogatin even stresses it that impossibility to pay the bills, inability to maintain expenses with incomes, difficulties in debt reception, discrepancy of a wage level to results of work, occurrence of additional and financially poor expenses, these and other circumstances can be the stress reason.

The intrapersonal stress deserves detailed consideration not only because not enough attention is given to it according to Jacob Bogatin but also because it can be projected on various vital events was paid to it and influence features of the relation to them and behaviour of the individual.

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