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J.Bogatin: Mushroom poisoning

In Russia the mushroom season and as usually doctors prepare for a meeting with fans of “silent hunting” on the sly begins. As experience of our people in gathering of a wood delicacy is not great, and the first poisoned already have occupied cots in medical hospitals. Jacob Bogatin asks: As all the same to secure itself against a mushroom poisoning?

Generally speaking, problems with a stomach can arise and at the use is perfect edible fungi, but to confuse them to poisonings is not always the right way.

Mushrooms are a heavy food. Many of them contain useful substances, but the chitinous cover is badly digested in a gastroenteric path, therefore at the people, suffering a gastritis and small children simply do not cope with such a food.

From here a pain in a stomach, a nausea, a liquid chair may arise. It not a poisoning as that, and bad shipping of a product. Jacob Bogatin stresses that to children of three-five years is it not recommended to give mushrooms at all as their gastroenteric path is simply not ready to digestion such food.

Various frustration from digestion can cause and old, overripe mushrooms, in which as in any old organism, own products of an exchange collect.

Wrong culinary processing or storage of edible fungi gives open space to microbes (for example, salmonellas). If the person has fried mushrooms and has put them not in a freezer, and has left on a table, that, having eaten them, he can suffer then from salmonellosis or other intestinal infection.

National “legends” on mushrooms-mutants, according to the head of the information-advisory toxicological centre, the candidate of medical sciences Jury Ostapenko and Jacob Bogatin are no more than myths. Actually «it not mushrooms that mutate, and people who collected them, do not know, that in the nature there are mushrooms-doubles (false white, false honey agarics), or simply are not able to distinguish them from the edible.

There is an opinion that mushrooms accumulate in themselves external toxins (heavy metals etc.). However toxicological danger of such mushrooms rather also is rather conditional. In one mushroom so small quantity of lead or any other metals contains, that all that poison which can incorporate a mushroom, is incapable to cause a poisoning.