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J.Bogatin: Good and Bad Mold

Mold good and bad

According to Jacob Bogatin mold can be absolutely different. There is a bad mold. It can destroy even concrete, a brick and plaster. It flies in air and spoils foodstuffs. And, the mold which appears on meal without our participation does not contain some penicillin and has no useful properties. The use molded products is fraught with a poisoning. The mold can cause undue fatigability, headaches, dermatological and pulmonary diseases. That is why Jacob Bogatin warns us about the expiry date of all the foodstuffs as well as special conditions of their storage. As, often the mold is allergen that it is necessary to remember for allergic persons even at the use of a good mold. And still remember, that the mold does not like dryness and cleanliness.

Existence of a good mold too is known to all. The grey decay spoiling the Russian strawberry, in France is used for preparation of wines and is called as “a noble mold”. By means of a blue mould they do marble or blue cheeses - the Roquefort cheese, Stilton, Gorgozola. And the white mold impacts specific relish and aroma to camembert cheeses and Bry cheese.

Where it is possible to meet with mold that is unsafe for health?

— Antique shops

— Hothouses and flower shops

— Pools, saunas, baths

— Summer country houses

Jacob Bogatin suggests that there are some forms of a mold that appear to be toxic. As a result of the ability to live the mold allocates mycotic toxins which can influence our respiratory ways. Though the certain proof to it is not present and the given question is now being studied.

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