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Jacob Bogatin: About Robert Koch (the continuation)

Jacob Bogatin says that in 1871, Koch was discharged and was appointed district physician in Volshteyne. Soon after Koch discovered that in the assigned district is spread anthrax - a disease which spreads among cattle and sheep, the lungs, causes carbuncles on the skin and lymph node changes. After a surveillance anthrax bacteria through a microscope, he traced the entire life cycle of bacteria, saw one of the pathogenic bacillus having millions of the same. After a series of careful experiments, Koch found a bacterium that is the sole cause of anthrax.

According to Jacob Bogatin Koch proved that anthrax epidemiological features (ie, the relationship between the various factors that determine the frequency and geographical distribution of infectious disease) are caused by a cycle of this bacterium. Research Robert Koch first demonstrated the bacterial origin of this terrible disease, and his articles on anthrax published in the 1876-1877 years. with the assistance of a pathologist at the University of Julia Kongeyma Breslau. Koch has also published a description of their laboratory practices, including coloring led bacterial culture results and microphotography of its structure. Koch’s discoveries brought him fame, and in 1880 he became a government adviser in the department of health in Imperial Berlin. In 1881 Robert Koch published the paper “Methods of studying the pathogenic organisms,” which described a method of growing bacteria in solid media. Jacob Bogatin is sure that this method was important to isolate and study the pure bacterial cultures. While in Germany, died from tuberculosis every seventh person, and Koch decided to try to find the causative agent of tuberculosis. The scientist began to search hard. He investigated the tissue sections taken from patients who died of tuberculosis.

These sections were painted by various dyes, and examined them for hours under a microscope. Soon he was able to detect bacteria in the form of sticks, which are plated on nutrient medium (serum of animals) were given strong growth. Upon infection with these bacteria in guinea pigs developed tuberculosis. It was a sensation!

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