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Hypertension - the disease of the 21st century!

High arterial pressure (hypertension) - one of the most widespread diseases. Almost every tenth person at adult age to some extent suffers from a high pressure. The hypertension can not be shown long enough time, but its destructive action will affect you all period of its “silence”. The High pressure will be long and to attack persistently cardiovascular system while, at last, will not declare itself a stenocardia attack, a heart attack, blindness or various damages of other vital bodies.

Now there is a bulk of medicines which effectively reduce a high pressure and are capable to keep it in admissible borders. Medical treatment will help you to continue to live a normal life, but with some restrictions which, alas, can not be avoided.

Further we will talk about a hypertension and high pressure in more details. Our aim is to inform you about such a disease as hypertension.

What is the hypertension?

According to Bogatin Jacob hypertension designates an increase of arterial pressure which has a regular character. Pressure raises when there is a narrowing of arteries. Arteries are similar to water channels which feed the earth and connect the seas. Only in a human body they are filled by blood which circulates between heart and other bodies. Arterioles can be narrowed at first because of periodic spasms, and further already to be forever narrowed because of thickenings of vascular walls. Our heart aspires to overcome “bottlenecks” and to deliver the necessary volume of blood there where it is necessary. For this purpose heart increases force of the work and pushes out in a vascular channel a considerably increased quantity of blood. It also is preconditions of the beginning of development of a hypertension – the strengthened blood-groove involving increased force of pressure upon walls of vessels.

Sometimes, approximately in one of ten cases, the high pressure can become a consequence of infringement of work of any one body. Such hypertension name secondary or symptomatic. However in most cases the hypertension has primary character that is called essential hypertension. And though the reasons of occurrence of a primary hypertension thoroughly are not studied, no doubts should cause the following: the high pressure if it not to treat is a direct threat to health and human life. The most widespread complications of a hypertension are infringements of work of kidneys, a brain and heart.

But Bogatin Jacob says that now in doctors’ disposal there is a considerable quantity of reliable and effective methods of struggle against a high pressure and preventive maintenance of occurrence of complications. The main thing that you have addressed in time to the doctor and accurately followed its instructions.

You must know!

At one of five adults arterial pressure above norm (12080). But know about it no more half. And no more than half from them are treated duly. The overwhelming majority of people believes, that the need in treatment is not present, if the high pressure does not prevent to live it. However refusal of hypertension treatment is a walk on a razor-edge: never you know, when you will stumble!

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