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Jacob Bogatin: Heathy Life Possible?

According to Jacob Bogatin our health is the property of the whole society, which is impossible to assess. We wish each other good health, when we meet or say goodbye, because that is the foundation of a happy and fulfilling life. Good health provides us with a long and active life, contributes to the implementation of our plans to overcome difficulties, makes it possible to successfully meet life’s challenges. But experience shows that usually take care of your health people begin only after a disease will make itself felt. But you can prevent these diseases in the bud, you need only to live a healthy lifestyle.

It is clear and Jacob Bogatin strengthens that health is dependent not only on therapeutic and preventive measures, but also from the man himself. It is no accident more people devote their leisure time playing sports, tourism. At the same time holds an irresponsible attitude to their health: self-medication, non-elementary hygiene, smoking, alcohol abuse.

For sedentary comfortable lead in the home, the mechanization and automation in manufacturing, transport development, improved nutrition - to overeating.

Physical activity stimulates many vital body functions, and its weakening in dangerous violation. So do not ignore the morning exercise, you should try at least to go down the stairs instead of using the elevator, and go out of the city in days off. But the main thing as Jacob Bogatin suggests - to walk more.

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